NT2799 Presentation

NT2799 Presentation

USDollar Progress
Report: Greenway
Bank Sites

Purpose of Report

We here at USDollar (USD) are committed to providing well
built, state of the art networking infrastructure that is as
dependable, reliable and at the forefront of the technological
paradigm. The successes of our clients is our successes, and
we constantly strive to provide quality service to enhance the
quality products we provide.

The purpose of this meeting is to inform our client, Greenway
Bank (GWB), of our progress regarding the 5 build sites that
we have been contracted and entrusted with. We will detail
every aspect of the job and present cost estimates and a
tentative time table for completion.

This is our 50% progress presentation. Pre-completion and
completion presentations will follow in a timely manner once
these milestones are met.

Charter Outline

We here at USD are hereby tasked with
establishing a network suitable for Greenway
Bank’s use with a central location, as well as 4
other locations. The network is to be fully capable
of handling any and all business needs of any of the
5 designated sites in St. Louis, Los Angeles,
Seattle, Orlando and New York. A timeframe for
completion will be established in this charter, as
well as a means of communication, planning, and
cost of equipment/labor. An assessment of risks
and a plan for recovery in the event of disaster or
crash will also be prepared. Testing and


This project will meet the following objectives:

Establish a plan for the build of the network.

Create a time table for completion suitable to both
USD and GWB.

Create a communication plan for the project that will
meet the needs of both USD and GWB.

Execute the physical build of the networks on site of
the 5 locations.

Demonstrate a fully functioning network at each

Demonstrate that each jobsite can communicate with
the others.


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