a. conserves WAN bandwidth
b. files cached on each client
c. files cached on a central server
d. backs up only the files that have changed since the last backup was performed. e. based on the former Terminal Services
f. configuration settings and registry information
g. executes PowerShell commands on remote computers
h. previous versions
i. accessible from a Window 7 installation disk
j. saves data to a VHD file

E 1. Remote Desktop
J 2. system image backup
A 3. BranchCache
B 4. distributed cache mode
H 5. volume shadow copies
D 6. incremental backup
I 7. Windows RE
C 8. hosted cache mode
G 9. Windows Remote Management
F 10. system restore point

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following service priority guidelines are not accurate? D

a. Network-wide problems take precedence over workgroup or departmental problems. b. System-wide problems take precedence over application problems. c. Shared resources take precedence over individual resources. d. You should rate departmental issues according to how the issues affect senior management.

2. Place these troubleshooting steps in the correct order, using the procedure described in this lesson as your guide:

a. Document the solution (4)
b. Establish the symptoms (1)
c. Test the result (3)
d. Select the most probable cause (2)

3. Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the network troubleshooting process? B

a. User Accounts control panel
b. Network Diagnostics
c. Ipconfig.exe
d. Tracert.exe

4. Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the hardware troubleshooting process?C

a. Device Manager
b. Upgrade Advisor
c. Nslookup.exe
d. Performance Monitor

5. Which of the following operating systems cannot use BranchCache? (Choose all that are correct.) A & B

a. Windows Vista
b. Windows Server 2008
c. Windows Server 2008 R2
d. Windows 7

6. When you load Windows RE from the Windows 7 installation DVD, the system provides you...

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