2014 NTBA National Championship Info Packet
**Please read through the ENTIRE packet as ALL info is very important!

The schedule will be posted on our website (www.playntba.com) --- click on “SCHEDULES’ at the top of the page. Please continue to check back throughout (and before it starts, especially the day before) the tournament for any changes/updates to the schedule and/or tournament. Seeds for bracket play will be posted on the same webpage/link to tourneymachine which is the schedule software we use to do the schedule.

Team / Player Check-In
Each team must turn is a roster along with copies of birth certificates and copies of report cards and/or progress report for ALL players (NTBA will return the birth certificates and report cards to you). A state certified document (such as a DMV identification card, passport, or driver’s license can take place of the birth certificate but you still must provide a report card as well). If a player is going to check in late the team must turn in his paperwork during the team check in and have them on the roster already. You MUST have all players listed on the roster you turn in even if they are arriving later in the week. All players will be interviewed during team check in. If a player is arriving late they must be interviewed before playing in their first game. Each team will be given a specific check in time. Please arrive exactly at your check in time (not before or after). This helps to speed the process up.

NOTE: A player MUST play in one pool play game in order to be eligible to play in bracket play!

Traveling Notes
When traveling from North Myrtle Beach to Myrtle Beach (and vice versa) please use Hwy 31 (this is the by-pass around all the traffic). NTBA can help you with this along with the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Contact either one with any questions regarding this. This will save you a lot of time when traveling. This by-pass can...