NTC 362 Complete Week 4

NTC 362 Complete Week 4

NTC 362 Complete Week 4

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Week-4 Interconnect Devices

Supporting Activity: Network Operating Systems
Question: Discuss the following:
• What are the predominant network operating systems in use today?
• What are the differences between LAN and WAN operating systems

Class Participation Activity: Network Segmentation
Question: What is network segmentation? Why would a network administrator want to segment a network? What are some of the techniques for segmenting a network?

Class Participation Activity: Network Processors
Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of network processors, such as hubs, switches, routers, and gateways?

Supporting Activity: Virtual LAN
Question: What are Virtual LANs (VLANs) and what are the advantages of using them?

Supporting Activity: IP Addressing
Question: What is class-based IP Addressing & what are some of the problems with it?

Team Assignment:
Learning Team: Diagram Current Local Campus Network in SIM Part III

Using your Week Three summary, develop a diagram in Visio®, Word®, or PowerPoint® of the team’s proposed network design solution.
The finished diagram should include the following:
• Routers & Switches
• Wireless Access points
• Any new hardware

Supportive:Learning Team Instructions: Campus Network

The South Dakota Campus, with its 45 full-time employees, has recently increased its enrollment to 1,500 students per night. The increase in student population has had a significant slowdown in the network connectivity inside of the classroom. Reports have stated that it can take up to twenty minutes, sometimes longer, to get connected to the online classroom or to get to the Internet.
Your team has been tasked with determining the root cause of this problem. The troubleshooting should begin by taking a holistic view of the network diagram to understand the topology....

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