Nuclear Power Yes or No

Nuclear Power Yes or No

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Nuclear energy is efficient, extremely useful, very cheap and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. It is true, nuclear energy can be dangerous but as all things there are positive sides and negative sides to it. Nuclear energy does have negative sides but it has more positive which has contributed to our lives and made it easier for us. We all should switch to nuclear energy and help the Earth today!

So how does nuclear energy give us electricity? Well nuclear power or energy is the process of splitting uranium atoms which is called fission. Heat and steam is produced in this process and it is strong enough to spin turbines to create electricity for people to use. It is like burning coal but nuclear energy does not contribute to global warming. This is because it does not emit co2, methane, nitrous oxide, or CFC. The amount of waste generated by nuclear power in a year will fit under your average desk.

Nuclear energy also has more uses; it can be used in medical things such as burning cancer or radio isotopes. One third of the medical procedures today involve radiation or radioactivity. All these procedures are safe, efficient and does not hurt or make you feel numb. Nuclear in medicine can also determine if the patient is sick or not. It can also give the doctor information where the patient is damaged. Nuclear in medicine is very different for all people. Some stronger people take more nuclear energy inside their body, as weaker ones have less. This is because of the half-life rule. Bacteria in bones can be destroyed nuclear energy in medicine. Bone fractures, stress or strains can be used to detect where it is happening in the body. This is because the radio activity goes around the body and sends out a signal to a monitor when it is in a stress or fractured area.
There are also more benefits of Nuclear energy. It can be used by sending out waves to a piece of metal and it is reflected. Then after that depending on how thick or thin it is...

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