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Describe how the organization was managed in the past. Compare the difference between management approaches in the past and now. Identify relevant management theory both for past and current practices and approaches.
The organizational structure of Nucor in the past was that a large portion of the workforce was unionized. Higher ups had special privileges such as labeled parking spaces, better health care benefits, and first class on flights. All the steel was made in huge, blast furnace factories. Ken Iverson the founder of Nucor decided to have Nucor manufacture steel from small factories using recycled steel scrap. Iverson brought the number of levels of management down to 4. A janitor was literally four promotions away from the CEO’s job. The organizational structure today is flat and decentralized with only four levels of management between the chairman of the board and the newest hourly worker (Iverson, 1997). Nucor’s management has five major characteristics of management. Egalitarian behavior, flat organizational structure, continual experimentation of technology, pay for performance, and a non union status. Nucor treats every employee the same way. Everyone wears the same shirts, and hats. There are no executive dining rooms, everyone now has the same health insurance, everyone has the same seat on the plane and everyone is encouraged to call management on his phone their selves. In the old fashion days it was command and control with bi-directional communications. Nucor is keeping with its egalitarian culture and is similar to the “Open Book Management” approach (Stack,1993).

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Identify a key manager; describe the primary functions and responsibilities. Evaluate how effective this manager was in fulfilling these responsibilities making clear recommendations for improvement. Ensure functions of management were described as in textbook.
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