Windshield Survey

Housing and zoning
The housing is single family, they’re a variety of old and modern homes, architectural design vary due to family preferences. The houses are in good repair. There is central heating and air condition Wood framed houses with siding and space in between front and back.

There are boundaries in the community, it is more economical, there is lower, middle, and upper income homes in communities in Fayetteville. Yards are green and mowed and well kept in the summer. There is no litter in the neighborhood. The neighborhood has names and street names.
People in the neighborhood drive cars or trucks. Streets and roads are conductive for transportation. School buses transfer the children to the local high school. No forms of public transportation. This is a concern because people may not have access to healthcare because of lack of transportation
The community has 2 Wal-marts, Food Lion, multiple fast food stores, 2 pharmacies and Dollar General.
Race Culture and Ethnicity
There is Caucasian, African American, Hispanics, and Asian race in the community.

Health and morbidity
There is corner store which I was told drug exchange takes place; the son of my chosen family admits he smoke marijuana. No drug abuse or other substance visibly noticeable problems. One gentleman admitted to smoking and has hypertension. A woman admitted to obesity and diabetes.
Open space
Majority of houses are 1500 square feet on a lot of land. Open spaces/yards are green with trees and flowers in the summer.

There are two public parks in the community and churches where people of the same beliefs gather together.
Social Services centers
There is a hospital in the community, health clinics, dental hygiene offices, and eye doctor offices. There are also two parks.
Signs of decay
There are no obvious signs of decay in the neighborhood. No abandoned houses or cars. No...

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