NUR 427 UOP/Uophelp

NUR 427 UOP/Uophelp

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NUR 427 Entire Course

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NUR 427 Health and Chronic Disease Management Presentation
NUR 427 Disease Processes Table
NUR 427 Diabetes Case Study
NUR 427 Educational Brochure


NUR 427 Health and Chronic Disease Management Presentation

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Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on an immunological or malignant process. Your title and references pages do not count towards the slide number requirement. Include the following in your presentation:
Creation of a patient case study, which models the physio, psycho, socio, and cultural aspects of the disease
Incidence and economic effects
Typical presentation of the disease
Specific sociocultural needs
Current conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies
The potential learning needs
Teaching strategies
Community, state, and national resources available
Detailed speaker notes aimed at your audience which is a group of health care professionals
Include at least five references. Only one of these references can be a website. I expect your other references to be from your course reading material (Larsen, Redman, and/or Sommers) or from other scholarly journals.


NUR 427 Diabetes Case Study
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Assignment: Diabetes Case Study

Read about Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley in The Neighborhood-Pearson Health Science tab (found in the ‘Materials’ section of the online classroom).
Refer to my Disease Case Study grading criteria rubric (I have posted this in the Course Materials forum). All criteria on this rubric must be satisfactorily met to receive full credit for this assignment.
Write a 700 to 1,050-word paper...

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