Nur 542 Week 1 Dq#1

Nur 542 Week 1 Dq#1

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Using the assigned readings, identify important concepts in family nursing and two related family nursing theories. Indicate what you find most attractive in the two nursing models you identified.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Callista Roy held both clinical and educational positions. Her clinical experiences with neuroscience led her toward the research for her Adaptation model and basic human cognitive practices (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005). Roy displayed great interest in developing nursing as a scientific and humanistic discipline that tests theory for the direction of nursing practice and education (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005, p. 146). The model provides direction for the art of nursing based on its framework for the use of the nursing process and the science human behaviors.
As cited by Friedman, Bowden and Jones (2003), Roy believed that “nursing care focuses on the person's response to interactions with the external environment and to internal and external stimuli affecting adaptation.” The internal and external stimuli that she suggested could effect the adaptation to stress and overall health can be defined as the family unit. I have personally witnessed where the family unit can be a source of comfort to aid in distressing our clients. I have also witnessed the family unit as a source of the stress. In either case, this can illustrate Roy’s initial theoretical concepts that the stimuli can have an untoward effect on the optimal health of the individual, even if that source is the family unit.

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