Nursing at its finest

Nursing at its finest

I am Natalie K. Joefield and I was born to Ann Marie G. and Sedrick J. on November 12th in Mount Vernon, NY. I was raised in Brooklyn, NY along with my younger brother. Currently, I live in Brooklyn in the East Flatbush neighborhood. I attend New York City College of Technology pursing an Associate’s Degree in Human Services and with my goals set high towards my Bachelor’s Degree. While pursing my degree, I do enjoy staying active in basketball and listening to music. I have determination and confidence in myself and, therefore I know success is near.

When I enrolled into college, Human Services was not my first major choice. Although I never thought it was a profession for me, I was influenced by my everyday life experiences. I have decided to become a Human Service worker because I have noticed that I would be able to use my skills of listening and give advice to many different populations. When I help anyone, whether it is a new born to an elderly individual, I feel good about my hard work. Besides just wanting to help people, I want to be able to assist various different populations in a level that they would be able to cope with life daily. The opportunity to pursue the Human Services profession also helps me learn the environment and the numerous different personalities of people.

Moreover, the Human Service profession gives me different ways to help people. I have noticed the different techniques that I can employ to advise people so they can get back on the right path of their lives. Human Services interested me tremendously because I noticed I don’t have to really prescribe any medications as a nurse would to cure a person, but I can use experience and different programs to let individuals get back to their stability in life.

As the individual I am today, I have strengths that will enhance my effectiveness for Human Services. Listening to clients would be one of my strongest areas for this profession. My interests are to reach out to people...

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