Nursing Fundamentals

Nursing Fundamentals

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Nursing Fundamentals Final Exam Study Guide

The final exam is a comprehensive exam and will contain questions from each unit you have studied this semester. Review the past study guides. This is a study guide for the final units.

Which clients are at risk of developing complications of immobility?

How does immobility affect each system? (e.g., cardiovascular, respiratory etc.)

What are nursing interventions which can reduce the risk of immobility on each system?

What are the benefits of activity on each system?

Describe how sleep patterns differ across the lifespan?

Explain the nursing considerations of the care of a client in traction? The client in a cast?

Describe thrombophlebitis. What are the signs and symptoms, nursing interventions and prevention?

Describe how the nurse measures response to activity? Describe how the nurse prepares the client for activity.

What is included in the nursing assessment of a client in traction or with a cast?

Describe the 3 different types of traction.

Compare and contrast passive and active ROM.

Compare and contrast Sims, Fowler's, supine and prone positions.

How does the nurse protect herself and clients during repositioning/transferring/lifting etc.?

What is the correct technique for client transfer to wheelchair, moving up in bed, ambulation?

Describe adduction, abduction, flexion, and extension.

Describe the various parasomias.

How does the nurse promote sleep?

Compare and contrast REM and non-REM sleep.

Discuss sleep deprivation. What are the signs and symptoms? Who is at risk? What are nursing interventions?

Describe the signs and symptoms of the impending death and what is the physiology behind the changes?

Describe the guidelines for providing care to the grieving client.

Describe how grief experiences vary across the lifespan.

Describe how the nurse maintains the dignity of the dying client.

Describe how the nurse provides care to the...

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