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Marketing Management – Assignment 1

Introduction 2
Ferrero 2
Environmental Analysis 3
Segmentation strategy 6
Recommendation 8


Fast moving consumer goods, also known as FMCG are products that consumers purchase on a regular basis as they are essential in our daily lives. These products range from common household goods such as bread and milk to medical products that can be found in pharmacies. Due to its principles, FMCG are usually items that are low cost but are purchased at high volumes. In this report, we will be addressing, analysing and strategizing on how to expand in the FMCG market in Singapore with the product Nutella, produced and manufactured by Ferrero.

Ferrero is an Italian company that markets and manufacture chocolate goods and other products that are mainly confectionery. Ferrero was founded right after the end of World War 2 by Michele Ferrero and his wife Maria Franca. Started out as a humble pastry shop, Ferrero successfully penetrated through to the international market and became an international brand. Now, with its mission of high quality, crafted precision, careful selection of the finest raw materials, respect and care for consumer and vision of think globally and act locally, Ferrero is managed by the third generation of the Ferrero family and have since produced multiple well known products such as Nutella and Ferrero Roche. Nutella is a product by Ferrero that is marketed as a chocolate spread or in some countries, hazelnut spread that can be consume as bread spreads or as an ingredient to other baking products. Due to its famous reputation, Nutella is sometimes mistaken as a stand-alone brand.

Environmental Analysis


SWOT is an analytical method that organization uses to analyse its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (Mike Meldrum, 2007). The table below will illustrate the SWOT analysis of Nutella and its...