Nutrition Cereal Recipes

Nutrition Cereal Recipes

Oat cereal made from refined and processed to make it more convenient to eat, taste is also improved, becoming popular health food. Which has many health benefits of dietary fiber may reduce the biological effects of LDL triglyceride fat protein, to promote excretion of cholesterol, prevent diabetes, help reduce the incidence of diabetic vascular complications; can catharsis catharsis for habitual patients with constipation have a good help; oatmeal genus low heat food, easy to cause satiety after eating, long-term consumption has a slimming effect.

Apple porridge
Wash apples and carrots with a good eraser wiping dishes.
The good oatmeal and rub 1 tablespoon carrot into the pot, pour the milk and 1/4 cup of water and simmer. Cook and then into the opening 2 tablespoons rub apples until boiled.

Oat milk pudding
First take 1/2 of boiling milk, oats and mix well into the standby. When the remaining 1/2 of the milk is heated to 40 ℃, then add the whole eggs and sugar, stirring with a whisk in the same direction uniform, then sieved twice, then add 1 practices soaked oatmeal stir. The pudding was poured into the practice of two arms, covered with a layer of plastic wrap, steamed into the rice cooker in 12 minutes. After removing the raisins to put

Strawberry milk oatmeal
Take the milk into the pot, then add the oatmeal and strawberry jam, stir in low heat, without boiling, the temperature of the ice can not milk, remove from heat and let cool completely softened cereal , you can feed your baby to eat.
Add strawberry jam is to increase the aroma and sweetness, they can also be replaced with fresh fruit, but the fruit oatmeal to wait before the knife into the muddy, so as not to destroy the vitamin C. tired

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