Nutrition Possibilities for Ukma Students

Nutrition Possibilities for Ukma Students

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The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Department of English

Tyshchenko Igor
Group #4
MP in philosophy

Research Paper

Kyiv, 2010

Name: Tyshchenko Igor
MP in: philosophy
Date of publication: April 2010
Title: Student nutrition patterns: how diet impacts the educational process? UKMA case.

Abstract. This research focuses on the problem of student nutrition in general and in UKMA case in particular. Despite the lot of studies of student nutrition, there is a lack of investigations which focus on impact of a diet on educational process. So this research studied the influence of low level of nutritional knowledge and material factors which impact the healthy nutrition. While in US universities the mentioned level of nutritional knowledge is the main reason for unhealthy diets, in UKMA case there is a material factors like living in dormitory and lack of money.
Key words: healthy nutrition, dietary patterns, nutritional knowledge


“After food, education is one of the
primary needs of the human beings”
Dipak De and Dr. R.S.P. Singh
“Social Acceptability of Learner Centered
Education: A Comparative Study”

Educational process in the university requires a student to be considerate, critical and have strong will to cognition. These qualities are traditionally considered to be the major in studying both humanitarians and sciences, as far as university turned to be the temple of investigation and the well of knowledge. No material aspects of human being throughout university life such as student residential conditions or nutrition possibilities have been considered. This situation finds expression in the representation of a student as an always hungry one. Therefore student nutrition and eating habits have not been taken into consideration till modern times. But it doesn’t mean that these factors do not impact the educational...

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