The Growing Field of Dietetics

kyle Manners


Upon entering this class I believed my knowledge of the field of dietetics to be more than that of the average american. While that may have been true to a degree I have been profoundly shocked to find that what I didn't know far outweighed what I did know. I thought dietitians worked in food service, hospitals, weight loss centers etc. I thought they calculated nutritional content and oversaw the preparation of foods and counseled people on their diets and eating habits. While this is true, it is only the tip of the iceburg. I had never given any thought to the fact that Registered Dietitians could be employed in such a wide variety of fields and professions and the extensive duties required as such. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn how rapidly the field of Dietetics is growing and expanding. The weightloss industry is booming and more people are turning to proper nutrition as opposed to fad diets and exercise machines. It seems people are finally starting to see that good health begins with proper nutrition and this has created many employment opportunities for Registered Dietitians that previously did not exist. Our country is in desperate need of passionate people with the education and drive to make those around them aware of the important role nutrition plays in our lives and I have discovered that many people, including my own classmates, are willing to answer the call.
Some of the more traditional roles for dietitians were food service employees working in places such as hospitals and nursing facilities and food manufacturing. While these jobs are still highly in demand many other jobs have branched from these fields. An RD working in a hospital could now work in prenatal care, neonatal care, gerontological, pediatrics, bariatric even psychiatric care. Healthcare providers and researchers are...

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