Obama's Healthcare Plan

Obama's Healthcare Plan

Senator Obama’s policy on Health and Education

The issues on Health care and education are some of the top priorities according to Mr. Obama who himself is a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.
His agenda in regard to health care is in harmony with his political progressive approach yet it presents on multiple levels aspects of bipartisan collaboration and can be summarized and discussed in the following points:

Providing Full Health care coverage to all American within six years with a focus on prevention, treating chronically ill-patients and utilizing new technology.
Americans pay 15 billion dollars in tax, yet 46 millions do not have health insurance and inability to pay health care costs is the leading cause for bankruptcy in the nation.
Senator Obama introduces a far more progressive agenda in this regard to appeal to his base than other democratic contenders. The critic to such approach focuses on two main points; the first is lack of detailed political specific mechanism by which such ambitious promise would be fulfilled. His policy might raise concerns by the public drawing comparisons with the health care system in UK and Canada. Similar system might benefit those in the middle class, but would require a significant tax increase. Another drawback in Mr. Obama’s plan is the lack of particular description of the potential role of the large employers in providing and sustaining the health coverage benefits to their employees.

Fighting AIDS Worldwide
Senator Obama has been a global leader in the fight against AIDS. He traveled to Kenya and took a public HIV test to encourage testing and reduce the stigma of the disease. He joined Senator Sam Brownback (R) at a large California evangelical church to promote greater investment in the global AIDS battle. At this conservative Christian event, Obama pushed a balanced approach to fighting the disease that includes condom distribution. Senator Obama also worked with...

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