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Obedient means willing to comply with orders or requests. Obedience is a characteristic of human beings in all societies. We must obey our parents, teacher, god, and any person having an authority over us.

You can be obedient by obeying our parents because they watch over us when we are sick. Obedience is a simple way of showing appreciation towards them. You also have to obey the laws of the country. The laws may be annoying, and dumb, but you still obey them because if you don’t you will face jail time. Maids, and butlers have to be obedient. An obedient servant will always be liked.

Some teenagers, think it can be challenging to be obedient whether it’s your parents, your religious beliefs or to some other authority such as school rules, traffic rules and etc. Obeying your parents one of the most difficult things to do as a teenager. We sometimes feel like our parents are from a whole other world.

Some of us do see the benefits from obeying our teachers. We also don’t care weather the people around trust us because of the choices we make. But we could try to decide early on weather we will do the right thing and commit to be obedient to the teacher. We could think before we act. We also could modify our ways, once we made a mistake. We could try listening more because to be honest, when adults are talking we look like we paying attention but really aren’t.