Obesity in Our Country

Obesity in Our Country

Some say obesity is problem, but I say obesity is good for our economy. In Canada 21% of our nation is obese and that 21% brings a big portion of money to Canada’s economy. Although obesity puts a strain on the health system, $500 million a year in surgeries and home care, it is insignificant. Look at chocolate bar sales, Snickers alone brings in over $300 million a year. Now think of Mars, Kit Kat, and Oh Henry combined. What would these companies do without the support from our obese nation.

Fast food restaurants bring in unbelievable amounts of money. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. would not be able to function without the over-weight people of our nation. Not only the humongous sales they help produce, they also help produce jobs for almost half of Canada. These obese people who eat out 7 times a week need people to serve them their Double Cheeseburgers and Big Macs, and don’t forget the ‘diet’ Coke. Many people would be without jobs if it weren’t for these fast food restaurants that are popping up on every street corner to make it more convenient for the weight impaired.

It is not only the food companies benefiting from our over weight nation, some companies rely on obese people to make their businesses run. Think about companies such as Weight Watchers, without obese people coming to them they would have no business. No 120 lb woman is going to join so week after week they can see, 120, 120,120. Other companies that rely on overweight people for business are gyms, weight doctors, diet companies, they wouldn’t exist if our nation was completely healthy.

Now I know there would be people who would argue against me, people who think obesity is a problem. They would say some crazy solutions like making it mandatory for kids to take physical education until they graduate not just until grade nine, or taking vending machines full of junk out of schools, and greasy food out of cafeterias. People argue that it is unhealthy and should...

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