Objective of Dynamic

Objective of Dynamic

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GROUP DYNAMICS/ PGD0015- TRI. 1 2013/2014



This is a group project. Form a group consisting of 12 to15 students.

Objective: To expand students creativity and apply the knowledge of group dynamic into practical scenario.

Direction: Choose any facts or theory or significance in any stages of group dynamic and prepare a TV or movie /video clip (e.g: you may choose in acting of a group (family, business meeting, sports team, work group,etc.) that demonstrates group concepts.

Your task is to prepare a video of whatever you have chosen that relates to Group Dynamics context. Your video must be between 15 – 20 minutes.

Your presentation will start in Week 5 of the session.

Evaluation Criteria:
• Depth of understanding and application
• Effectiveness in presenting
• Appropriateness of video.
• Preparation, practice, and level of professionalism.
• Enthusiasm and level of audience engagement.

Notes: Rehearsing ahead of time is strongly advised before the video presentation. Stay within the time limits and be sure to test out your technology before the morning of the presentations. We all know that technical problems can and do occur, so have a back-up plan in case your technology fails.

Good luck and have fun!


This is another group project, consisting of THE SAME members/students.
Marks: Marks will be given for originality, creativity, work organization and teamwork of the written assignment presentation.

Direction: Summarize your video tasks in written pages (please attach the video-cd/dvd/pendrive, to your hard copy summary). Be sure to provide details information about the activities of your group. Please elaborate your explanation on the activities you have noted in your Group Dynamics context:

1. How did the group decide on the idea for the video you presented?
2. How did the group decide on the “teaching” part of the presentation?
3. Which members were more involved in the...

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