Observation of Motor Skills

Observation of Motor Skills

Essay/Observation of Motor Skills

Alexis, 15 month old girl.

 Jumps on one leg
 Even though she made a mess, was able to feed her.
 Repeated things her dad would say.
 Reached out and took syrup from.
 Picked up ball and was bouncing it.
Brendan, 8-month-old boy.

 Sat him in his high chair gave him chips used his fingers to pick them up.
 I gave him another set of chips he grabbed them.
 Sits up
 He was put on the floor crawled over to his walker to help himself up. Brendan can’t walk but is able to use things to help him stand up.
 He held his hands up when I went to pick him up.
 Holds his own bottle.
 Hands were opened he seemed more relaxed, then when he was younger his hand were more closed in.
 He was able to give me his door and grab it back.

Gross motor skills are the abilities required in order to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, crawling, and other activities. They require balance and coordination.
Fine Motor Skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. The development of fine and gross motor skills allows them to perform better in physical ways. With infants it starts at the head and it works its way down to the legs then comes the crawling. These skills transform these infants to being physically helpless to independent individuals.
I’ve been working with children for a few years now and I’ve also been raising my own two. Reading the material that I’ve read have helped me learn the right terminology for the steps and milestones children go through. Before I knew I had to observe 2 children a few months apart for this module. I had the opportunity to visit a friend and his child for the first time. I had already done the observing without knowing that everything I found amusing I would have to document.
Alexis’ Gross Motor Skills
When I arrived at my friend’s house and her dad opened...

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