Observation Paper

Observation Paper

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Observation Paper

Sierra Poe

Age 9

I chose to observe a child of nine years old, as my subject.
Sierra is a very bright little girl who has blond hair and blue eyes,
and weighs about 50 pounds; she can sometimes be a handful according
to her mother. Sierra can be a bit mischievous as well as being a
tomboy and dare devil, she loves to climb trees and draw and can be a
bit precocious at times, demanding to know about everything. Example:
While I was there some-one knocked at the door and Sierra answered
the door and demanded to know what they wanted as well their name ,
then proceeded to shut the door and tell her mother , the person at
the door was for her mother.

Sierra has four other siblings ranging from thirteen down to five, so
she feels as if she is grown up over the younger one. She has both of
her parents in the home, and her mother works as well as her father
so she goes to after care at the YMCA, for the summer. Neither parent
believes in spanking so she gets time out when she misbehaves, while
I was there she decided to make her own lunch and her mother sat her
down and explained to her how dangerous it was for her to operate the
stove, she listened

very quietly, and then asked well how am I ever going to learn to

While I was there Sierra showed, me her room which she shared
with one sister, age ten the bedroom was clean and beds made, she
explained her mother likes the beds made when they get up in the
morning. The room was decorated with murals painted on the wall of
fairies and castles, which her grandmother had painted, but she was
too old for that now so it had to be changed to something else that
she and her sister liked.

In Piaget’s theory of concrete operational stage Sierra falls into
the category of being self reliant, and having self esteem while I...

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