Week 4 Assignment: Running Record Observation Practice

Note Taking: What I saw

One girl enters the play area and another one (Molly) follows right behind. The first girl calls another girl(the girl in the light blue dress) to come over who also has the name of Molly. The first girl (stripped shirt) begins telling Molly (light blue dress) that she is the little girl, she tells the other Molly she is the dog and then the girl in the stripped shirt says that she is the kitty and that they will run away from Molly who is pretending to be the little girl while she sleeps. The girl in the striped shirt asks Molly (light blue dress), where her bed will be and then directs her to lay down. The two girls pretending to be the kitty and the dog crawl away on the floor to the other side of the cabinet. Molly (light blue dress), lays on the floor where her pretend bed is and fake sleeps for a few seconds before she stands up and walks to where the other two girls went hiding. Molly (light blue dress) starts yelling “Kitty!” because she saw the girl in the striped shirt who was pretending to be a kitty. The little girl (stripped shirt) who is pretending to be a kitty crawls to a new spot and tells Molly (light blue dress), that “no you only found her first and then and then you found me.” Molly (light blue dress) pauses and then asks the girl in the striped shirt, “ I found doggie and then kitty?” The girl in the striped shirt answers “yes” and Molly (light blue dress) walks over to the girl pretending to be a dog. As she is walking towards the “doggie” the girl pretending to be a kitty says “cause you walked right past me. I was so quiet.” Molly (light blue dress) calls out “doggie!” and pats the girl pretending to be doggie on the head and then she yells out “kitty!” as they make their way back to the play area.

Note Making: How I interpret what I saw:

I believe that this was a great example of children playing...

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