Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder

Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder

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Terms of Reference
In this essay I will outline the main concepts and limitations of the three Psychological Perspectives that can facilitate the client in the case study to overcome OCD.I will investigate the signs and symptoms of the condition OCD and compare them to the ones experienced by the client. Furthermore I will consider the therapies which are obtainable to the client. I will follow this with an evaluation of the therapies discussed .Finally I will draw up a conclusion to my findings.
There are three main Psychological perspectives that can help a client overcome OCD these are the Psychodynamic perspective, Cognitive-behavioral perspective and the Biological (Neuroscience) perspective.
The main concept of the psychodynamic theory in which Sigmund Freud was instrumental in is to look at the origin of the obsession who suffers from it and question why it takes a particular form. Sigmund Freud theorised that “OCD symptoms were caused by punitive, rigid toilet-training practices that led to internalised conflicts”.(www.minddisorders.com )

According to this perspective, an obsessive thought is seen as a defence against the anxiety produced by unconscious internal conflict. Adapted from (Lang 1997). What occurs in this case is that an unconscious hazardous thought such as for example the client had a fear of unintentionally hurting someone threatens to break into an individual’s consciousness. This in turn stimulates anxiety. Adapted from (abnormal psychology)

Methods of Procedure
The aspiration of psychoanalysis is to facilitate insight into the conflicts and anxieties that are the underlying causes of abnormal behaviour to bring repressed traumatic memories into conscious awareness and cure neurotic symptoms such as phobias or anxiety such as the client had the fear of contaminating food while cooking.
Psychoanalysis can be a very prolonged and expensive treatment. According to Eysenck (1952)” psychodynamic therapies were a waste of time and...

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