Oedipus Adaptation

Oedipus Adaptation

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Contemporary Oedipus Adaptation

The world’s super powers have all met at the prestigious G20 Environmental Summit. America plays Oedipus, environmental scientists play Tiresias and Japan plays Creon. Page 34, line 3 through to page 36 line 34.

American Ambassador: Science we all know has had an answer to everything in our lives. Now we look to it for a solution to our problem, global warming. Now please explain to us all our current predicament, and possible solutions available to us. I ask this favor for myself, my country and the world as a whole, help us save the all the beauty in this world.

Environmental Scientist: Honorable words, but to even begin to solve our problems, we must make a heavy sacrifice, our economy and I do not believe you are willing to sacrifice that, so I will go no further.

American Ambassador: It seems you bring little encouragement.

Environmental Scientist: Let us depart, this is a waste of everyone’s time, you all have your important economies to look after, and I have my family.

American Ambassador: Take care sir. You are a selfish person if you will not help our planet.

Environmental Scientist: It is because I see this going nowhere, sir, so I choose not to speak.

American Ambassador: Surely if you know you will not withhold your knowledge, we need your assistance.

Environmental Scientist: I refuse to waste everyone’s time when nothing will come of this meeting.

American Ambassador: You know something and will not tell? You wish to see your planet die?

Environmental Scientist: I wish to spare us all a lot of time and effort, I will say no more.

American Ambassador: Nothing? You pathetic man, you would doom your whole world to protect your self interests?

Environmental Scientist: Do not blame me, you must be willing to make a sacrifice for this to work.

American Ambassador: Can you comprehend this? Such insults to our nation!

Environmental Scientist: Unless you are willing to make...

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