Of Mice and Men: Lenice Small

Of Mice and Men: Lenice Small

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Have you ever had a difficult time "fitting-in" in a group or a community? Well in the story Of Mice and Men they are three main characters I think had a difficult time "fitting-in". The three characters from the story Of Mice and Men are Lennie Small, Curley’s wife and also Crooks. While you are reading you will know why I chose these main three characters.

Lennie Small is the first character I chose that had a difficult times fitting in. Lennie is a nondescript, hulking creature of a man who a childlike mentality continually gets him into scrapes with other men who neither respect him nor understand him. Lennie has difficult time fitting in because people barely understand him. Lennie sometime doesn’t talk for himself so George has to talk for him. For example when they first reached the ranch boss the boss was asking for some information while George was talking for Lennie but was still accepted. This is why I think Lennie has difficult time "fitting-in".

Curley's wife is the second person I would consider that has difficult time "fitting-in". Curley's wife is never named, nor she was respected by the men on the ranch. Curley's wife is always alone. Everyone would think she is mean, evil, and a trouble-maker.Curley's wife has always wished to be a actor and to reach her goals. But she really didn't. For example George would always tell Lennie to stay away because she would cause him in trouble. This is why I think Curley's wife had a hard time "fitting-in".

The third person I would consider having a hard time "fitting-in" is Crooks. Crooks is an african american stable buck who gets his name because of a spinal injury inflicted by a horse kick. Crooks has his own room which no one went in it only Crooks. Until once they went out the ranch and left Lennie, Candy, and Crooks. Crooks was alone so Lennie decided to go in a chill out for a little bit.They went inside the room and enjoyed their time. Crooks had hard time because of his color and the bad...

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