of mice and men

of mice and men

Of Mice
And Men

Written by:John Steinbeck

January 20, 2014

The topic i chose for “Of Mice And Men” is foreshadowing.
A great example of this is when Lennie finds a pool of water in the first chapter and decides to drink
from it with out thinking and going head first into it. I find that this is a sing that Lennie is not very
smart and reckless and possibly mentally challenge.
Another good example of foreshadowing, is when George is telling Lennie that if he ever got into
trouble like he all ways does to go back to that spot, this is saying that he will get into trouble while
working at this place.
A good example of foreshadowing is when Lennie is petting the dead mouse that he killed by
playing with it too hard, is a sing of death violence and strength that could potentially cause
For example, his strength, not only caused death and violence, but it even annoyed his fellow
workers, to the point where they were complaining about the fact that they couldn't keeping up with
his speed and strength while he was loading the barley into the cart.
Lennie also ended up stroking a puppy to hard and like the mice before it, ended up snapping its
neck, which in turn led to the demise of Curley's wife. When she tried to get to close to Lennie, his
slow mentality and uncontrollable nature led to a tragic misunderstanding and the woman's death.

Another fine example of foreshadowing is when Curly is very aggressive with George and Lennie
and they don't respond that at one time or another he will will fight Lennie or George at one time or
another. with unfortunately leads Lennie using his strength witch was also almost uncontrollable,
on Curly as he attacked Lennie then Lennie broke his hand out of anger even thought it was out of
self defense.

Another fine example of foreshadowing is when Candy has his dog in the shack and the other
workers are talking that he needs to put down his dog and they kept trying to convince him to do...

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