of mice and men

of mice and men

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班 级: 英语1403

姓 名:申潇雅

学 号:1120114319

Book Review of the Thorn Birds

English 1120114319
Name 申潇雅

Sometimes a woman is willing to dedicate her entire life to love a man; however, for a man, there could be nothing more important than his own ambition and career. In this book, every character has their own attitudes toward love, some are tangled; some are persistent, and others are subjected to the merciless fate.
Ralph, the handsome priest, who is eager to be a perfect saint, is so charming that from the wealthy, old woman Marry of seventy to the pure, lovely little Maggie of ten, no woman can stop loving him. But above all his faith, his love for himself, for the church and God, overwhelms the love to Maggie, though Ralph is bound to love Maggie. And Maggie is made for the sacrifice.
Everyone in this book seems very pathetic, except Justine, the daughter of Maggie and Luke who is the only one that has a chance of being happy. She used to be rebellious and dared to go after what she desired. She always knows what she wants and always goes after what she wants. She despises men but is lucky enough to have met one that treasures her and waits for her awakening.
Maggie’s mother also has her scar in life. She used to be the daughter of nobility. An affair with a married man left her with a child and rejection from her family. Her own father married her and the child to one of their farm hands in exchange for taking them away. From then on, endless house chores and farm labor begin, then child bearing and raising the children. And I am sorry to say that Maggie’s whole life is repeating the life of her mother, marring a guy she doesn’t love, doing chores besides endless chores.
Though god has taken everyone that Maggie loves, she has always been able to love for all she has lost every time. Maggie and Ralph, when they have first met, they know they are the right person...

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