Of Small Rivers Joining Big Rivers

Of Small Rivers Joining Big Rivers

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Raili Odinga does not need most of these Rift Valley Mps! A few years ago, Raila somersaulted out of Ford Kenya to KANU. As he led his troops on, the former powerful KANU Secretary General Joseph Kamotho was asked if KANU was joining NDP or the opposite was true and he said that it is the small rivers that join big rivers! Raila being the quick learner that he is joined KANU, knowing that he would gain in the long run and he sure did. If you look at it seriously from the political and economic will, it is the Kutuny’s who should join him.

Recently, Raila walked out of NARC to form ODM. As it were, I would like to say that Raila was ODM and ODM was Raila! Allow me to illustrate; at that time Kalonzo Musyoka’s fortunes were up and this was well demonstrated by the regular opinion polls that rated him higher than Raila. Armed with this, Musyoka thought that he could sail his own ship and walked out on Raila. We all saw how he faired. Nazlin Omar did not learn either and she took off to gun for the big seat. Of course she was quickly forgotten. She now appears in the news for completely different reasons. The common denominator for this two was that Raila would suffer if they left ODM! Did he? Of course not! Now picture this, if Raila would have left ODM, what would have happened?

The recent outbursts by the Rift Valley MPs may have some substance but will come to nought! The substance is that they were elected to represent their people which they are, but I must say that they are doing it wrongly. The stand they have taken projects most of them as selfish sectarians! On the other hand, Raila is looking at the bigger picture; the nation. I wonder why the likes of Hon Kutuny do not see that the Mau affects the whole country!

Raila knows that he cannot win the Presidential elections with the Mau forest residents alone. He’s aware that other Rift Valley residents are farmers who need rain. Further he’s sure that he can get...

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