Offer, Acceptance, Invitation to Treat

Offer, Acceptance, Invitation to Treat

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Qn1 How would you characterize Gore’s organizational structure using terms from this chapter? For example, is it mechanistic or organic? How might this structure influence Gore’s strategy?

1) elaborate characteristics if it is a organic structure, 2)also likely to be matrix structure under the common organizational designs, 3)Looks like The team structure and boundaryless organization under the New Design options also can fit in)

For many companies, there would always be a permanent organisational structure designed to help them to perform repetitive business processes, to which they will practice on upon sourcing the most suitable one.

For most part, organisational objectives can be met by a stable, hierarchical line organisation. However, a company that continuously performs new projects of different contents and degrees of complexity requires a more flexible, networked organisational structure. To which, W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. has an extreme team-based orgnisational structure that eliminates the traditional hierarchy. Associates are organised around self-directed teams at dozens of manufacturig and sales offices around the world.

1a) Gore tends to adopt the organic model. This model looks a lot like the boundaryless organization. It is flat, uses cross-hierarchical and cross-functional teams, has low formalization, possesses a comprehensive information network (using lateral and upward communication as well as downward), and involves high participation in decision making. It seeks to eliminate the chain of command, have limitless spans of control, and replace departments with empowered teams. It is also more characterized toward decentralization where action can be taken more quickly to solve problems, more people provide input into decisions, and employees are less likely to feel alienated from those who make the decisions that affect their work lives.

1b) An organization’s structure is a means to help management achieve its objectives....

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