Offical Languages

Offical Languages

“Politics made ‘bilingual ‘ a dirty word.”

While foreign language teacher trying to take public attention on benefits of bilingualism,

some of the Californian Politics think that bilingualism is a big failure.

Global business market need employees who can speak multi languages fluently however

students only get couple years of foreign language class at high school which is only

enough to be able to talk about basic needs. Foreign language teacher thinks America

should recognize the important of speaking other languages other than English, just like

other well developed countries.

“Gingrich links bilingual education and ‘ghetto’.”

This article is about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s comment, he thinks that

people who live in America should learn and talk proper English, in his opinion bilingual

people live in ghetto and bilingualism is growing danger for America. Hispanic education

coalition agreed with him about people who live in America should speak proper English

however they also think that Gingrich’s comments contain hate and anger over

bilingualism and people who are bilingual.

“ Why bilingual education?”

This article focused on different angels of bilingualism; main argument is about being

successful with or without bilingual education. Both sides of the argument prove their

cases however evidences against bilingual education are not enough to convincing

community. This article explain that children who get bilingual education gain more

knowledge than other students.

“The politics of bilingualism”

This article is about 16 years old Zach Rubio who was suspended for speaking Spanish in

the halls of his public school. Principles of Zach’s school said that they asked him so

many times not the speak Spanish before suspend him but this order against Zach’s civil

rights. If Zach was speaking other language for example German it would not be that...

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