Oh Media Please

Oh Media Please

 Oh' Media Please!

Oh' media please don't carry on this path of yielding to government and corporate interest. America, the people, the world is counting on you to be the fathers and mothers on the front lines between big brother, wide spread corruption and the loss of human rights.

Oh' media what inconceivably great responsibility you have taken on. Such courage and perseverance and restraint you must employ. The minute men and women of the universe, so noble a responsibility, a solemn oath to tell the truth for all who have died and will live. Thus, let your moment in time count for something, change the world in a day. No more control by the various powers that be, you can change the world in a single life moment. A simple task for the people, and our dear county. The truth! Is not honesty the path to true happiness, happiness of the enter being. Illuminating such pure humanitarian beauty. Press away from the dark politics and the rehearsing that comes with it.

Who shall be the most admired human beings in the future? It shall be those in the media who will direct the honest and ethical way for all of humanity. This is the place where true heros can and are emerging. A journalistic warrior who brings peace instead of war, with elegant linguistic truth. You great word smiths, you writers of great power and poetic keenness, you custodian's of the human language, you news disseminators. Awaken to the humanitarian post you have assumed.

Where is America's heros when America is ailing so? Our country on her knees while the masses are kept in the dark, asleep to the truth. America slowly slipping away, lost forever the pride and hope she once inspired.

Oh' media please see and speak about our sons and daughters who are once again being sacrificed for a malevolent religious war, tell us their real human stories.

What will our history say about the media controlled world in the...

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