Dave Van de Mark: "There was a time (during the life of my first big printers—an Epson 7600 and later a Canon ipF8000—that just endlessly, it seemed, I played with different papers. The first type I quickly eliminated were the RC. Just didn't like them and they seemed less 'environmental' to me.

"Since I was making large prints and mounting them on gator board and not covering them up with anything—no sprays, no glass or acrylic—I needed to find a smooth, durable and non-reflective paper and did so with Innova FibaPrint ultra smooth white matte 280gm. I love it and stopped hunting.

"For smaller 'bin' prints—sold matted and inside a protective sleeve—I just love the Canson Baryta Photographique paper in roll and 13x19" and 17x22" sizes. Again, I have quit hunting!

"Using these papers in a well-profiled setup with my new Canon ipF6400 printer, I'm living in heaven, with what seems to be a very, very good match from what I see on monitor to a finished print. The Innova matte paper has a surprisingly high contrast and tonal range and can be 'snappy' just like glossier papers.

"I will be the first to admit that, by not looking further, I may be missing a 'gem.' But I doubt any new stuff out there is worlds better than what makes me perfectly happy right now."

Mike Leinhausr: "I've tried a few of papers and have come to really like the Canson Baryta Photographique and Platine Fibre Rag. I printed with Agfa Portriga Rapid in the darkroom for years and have looked for something digital that would cross over—not much luck—but now use the Platine for 90% of what I do. Using an Epson R3000 and seems to do a decent job with this combination."

Ken Bennett: "I mostly print on luster paper, but I've had good results with the Epson Exhibition Fiber when I want to spend the big bucks. :-) "

Kenneth Tanaka: "Of course there is no such thing as a 'best' printer paper. The printing world has evolved quickly to offer many excellent, and generally equivalent,...

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