Oil Extraction Machine Workshop Requirements

Oil Extraction Machine Workshop Requirements

The environment of OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE is very important guarantee of oil product, so the Oil Extraction Machine environment design must be strictly, production facilities, processing and testing equipment, process, storage and transportation process requirements must in accordance with the laws and regulations.

1. Oil Extraction Machine environment should be kept clean and tidy, the workshop floor should be hard, flat, drainage and ventilation is good. Workshop should have adequate space for equipment installation, maintenance, material storage and transportation, sanitation and cleaning personnel access. The oil extraction machine environment should be easy cleaning and disinfection, mildew, corrosion, have disinfection, anti flies and rodents, dressing, washing sewage, waste storage facilities. Oil Extraction Machine environment temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions should meet the requirements of the production process and procedures.Oil Extraction Machine safe and clean can ensure the produt quality.

2. Oil extraction machine environmental requirements
1). Each oil extraction machine workshop should keep the ground clean, no water, and the unrelated to production items can not be stored in the workshop;
2).Must cleaning the workshop after working;
3).All equipment, facilities, equipment surface shall not have, always keep cleaning.

3, What is the standard of the Oil Extraction Machine environment?
Choose the drying site to built factory, make sure transportation conveniently, adequate water sources and no pollution around the plant, away from hazardous sites, in oder to ensure the oil extraction plant environment. The oil extraction machine environment should be clean and tidy, and the items should be stacked neatly, and the processed waste should be kept away from the production plant.



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