Oil press equipment craft - refined oil method

Oil press equipment craft - refined oil method

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Oil press equipment craft - refined oil method:

Refined oil method is the basic process of oil through certain processing, using organic solvent refining, refining part of the proceeds of the liquid is called the mixed oil, mixed oil evaporation and distillation of crude oil;The solid is called wet meal obtained after refining for drying wet meal desolventizing produce edible oil or feed the required finished product meal, evaporation and distillation of the solvent gas condensation and cooling recycling, recycling the solvent to recycle.

Plant oil can be oil refining by green, also can be the squeeze of oil cake, can also be after puffing particles, the former is called direct refining, middle one called to squeeze refining, the latter is called puffing refining.Many scholars and engineers doing research and trial production of direct palm oil refining process (http://www.palmmill.com/News/121.html), has achieved a certain production experience, but to large-scale, maturely applied in industrial production of oil, only low oil fuel, such as soybean, cottonseed, hippophae rhamnoides, rice bran, etc;In high oil fuel production abroad, but there were no reports of mass production, our country many scholars and engineers also worked as a research, and has obtained certain production experience.

Extract oil from the oil in and out of the refining method, can use directly refining, also can use to squeeze refining or puffed refining.In the processing of soybean, the "green" refining is refining method directly applied to the most typical example.In the squeeze in the refining process, the extracted oil were conducted in two phases, the first stage crushing method was used to extract oil in 80% of the oil, the second phase is refining method is used to extract oil in the remaining oil.Puffing refining is before oil extraction (http://www.palmmill.com/News/100.html) oil heating and extruding adequately, make oil structure fully destroyed, then the refined oil,...

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