Oil press equipment industry financing difficulties, are expected to have a breakthrough this year

Oil press equipment industry financing difficulties, are expected to have a breakthrough this year

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In China since the early 80 s, the national credit policy from the beginning to now after nearly 30 years of wind and rain, the policy has occurred many times of change, from basic to tilt of business and industry, focus on industry in the field of agricultural credit ratio and weight a didn't get too high, farmers and agriculture in recent years began to brought to the attention of the countries, and the corresponding credit services, and other accessories also follow up quickly, so this year is expected to be in the oil industry in our country and oil processing equipment manufacture and production of enterprise financing difficult problem is completely solved.

In oil press equipment industry faced with financing, there are two problems, one is basic on oil vendors would self-raised funds, the state-owned enterprise restructuring after the dispersion is too serious, the actual operator's capital needs not met for a long time, which makes it impossible to spend a lot of research and development costs and capital, changing palm oil processing plant (http://www.palmmill.com) equipment is less, technical content increase slowly, in the overall competitiveness and vitality in the field of agricultural materials mechanical clearly enough.The development of the enterprise itself left the great support of capital market has a big development, already a number of small businesses and lack of large enterprises.Such status to keep pace with the modern enterprise development, the production cost is high, the technical update slow, large flow of people, which restrict the development of the oil industry is difficult.

Another financing difficulties is not enough credit for small edible oil refining enterprises, China's current formed only on a few large state-owned enterprises support, while ignoring small edible oil refining processing production enterprises play a role in the healthy and orderly development of industry.Small business development is lack of money will...

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