Oil press equipment professional maintenance required professional tools

Oil press equipment professional maintenance required professional tools

 Crushing equipment is mainly refers to the oil mill equipment, control valve and relief valve are the important components, ensure the whole equipment can be safe and efficient operation.

Control valve is a device of pneumatic system circuit and main circuit breaker, palm oil mill,ᄃ as well as operation need to cooperate, etc., ensure mechanical equipment in the process of operation can be very good for its effective operation.Control valve is an enclosed device of electric air valve and coil in the corresponding processing, namely wind interlock bolt.So they are set of pantograph compressed air channel, have the effect of the interlock protection, so as not to because of voltage instability, is caused by the unstable phenomenon.

Relief valve is mainly to crushing equipment in the process of operation, have very good protection effect, which is the role of the escort, for example in the oil temperature or parts of the equipment under the condition of high temperature is there will be a warning, to ensure the reliability of the operation.In the crushing equipment, that is, air productoil mill equipment operation, feeder is the equipment of the air cylinder through the corresponding protection valve to successive to the bunker processing equipment.In the process of the operation in electric power equipment's skirts, is open,bucket elevatorᄃ, it can well ensure the wind road unimpeded, and in this case, the need of rotating air door under the action of the pressure will cause abnormal operation of the valve.To guarantee the safety of the operation.

Oil vendors would remind: small oil mill equipment, oil mill, the emergence of the refined oil equipment safety and control valves for the whole equipment more efficient in running, this is because in the process of operation without failure can be very good guarantee the safe production, it is the necessity of its existence.

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