Oil press press cage (including garden row, ribs circle) disassembling method

Oil press press cage (including garden row, ribs circle) disassembling method

(1) after downtime, rotary press squeezer shaft, take out in the bore squeezer from squeeze, then use diameter 24 mm thick iron rod inserted into the pie

End of the gland nut hole, loose nut, again loose oil press press cage at both ends and the frame and 4 M16 connecting screw joint connection
palm oil refinery plant

Nail, removing the bolts connection press cage up and down ten M14, down on the screw cage can remove park row and the row circle.
Article (2) press the row of disassembly method: remove the row of circle, with iron bars at one end of the article into a row from the side, with the hand hit on the other

At one end, will be a hit, the rest of the article is loose down automatically.
Article (3) the line of assembly method: article will press the row of ring stand, out of the groove face, put a plank, below to arrange a callback

Arranged in a circle on the inner wall, with a deep groove side down.Article two similar row deep groove face to put together, not the most

Article will press the row after the plug against the outstanding one end closed with metal rods, pound a knock at the other end with the hand, make a row close to the wall, reached by hand

Touch the wall with no bump phenomenon.
(4) oil press press cage assembly method: article will row circle out of the groove surface towards the circle in cake, press garden sort number in turn into the garden again,

draught fan
Out of the groove surface towards the joint end, then use compression nut on a few big buckle by living garden, fitted with oil press press cage again.With bolt one by one

For tightening.
2. Press squeezer disassembling method
(1) squeezer demolition method: stop immediately after carry handle oil mill, unload the squeeze in the bore axis from the press, protective cap, garden nut,

Bearing and adjusting bolt.With a diameter of 16 hole of iron stick inserted into the lock nut counterclockwise, remove lock nut after each section...

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