oil press Solvent extractor

oil press Solvent extractor

Solvent extractor

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Stainless fixed plate grid extractor is one of most advanced extraction equipment,compared with traditional false bottom type rotocel extractor,leave its low power consumption,reliable working,long life,convenient maintenance,good extraction effect;What is more, it also has character of big production,simple structure,low debug,good extraction effect,etc.

Main character:
It is one kind of most simplified structure in the same type extractor series at present.
Fixed plate grid replaces false bottom,reduce movement machanism,so reduce the debug,high safe working effeciency,reliable working.
Has"Self-cleaning"effect,no need to stop working because of cleaning the plate grid.
It can increase the material extraction time,lower down the oil residue in the meal.
It can increase feeding coefficient,improve the production.

Flow chart:
The pretreatment material feeds in sealed screw conveyor in the extraction workshop through scrape conveyor,falls into the rotocel extractor,sprayed by the solvent or miscella,after drying,the wet meal falls in the meal hopper,passes by sealed screw conveyor through scrape conveyor then enters in the desolventizer.After toasting and drying,remove the solvent,convey to final meal silo.the miscella is after filtered by filter in the extractor,flow to the miscella oil tank,then enters in the first long tube evaporator,separate the solvent steam then enters in the second long tube evaporator,after secondary separation solvent steam,flows to the stripper,remove the rest solvent,the extracted crude oil enters in the crude oil tank,convey to refining workshop.The solvent steam is from first long tube evaporator and second long tube evaporator,stripper,rotocel extractor, desolventizer which enters in the condenser,the liquid after condesing flows in the water separation tank to separate the water out,the separated solvent returns back to solvent turnover silo.The waste...

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