Oil Sand in Canada

Oil Sand in Canada

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: Discovering Full Potential Running head: OIL SAND IN CANADA: DISCOVERING FULL POTENTIAL


Oil Sand in Canada: Discovering Full Potential

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Oil Sand in Canada: Discovering Full Potential Introduction


I am interested in the role and potential of the oil sand resources in Alberta in promoting and enhancing the welfare of the population and the environment in that region and in the world. The genuine potential of the oil sand resources in Alberta lies in the enhancement of balanced economic growth and development in the region and the country without negating gains made in other aspects of human and other life in the region and in the world. Energy is an important resource in the world in powering the activities and operations humans engage in to promote their welfare and that of the world. The world demand for energy has increased phenomenally over the past century, driven by such factors as a high rate of world population growth and increased economic activity and trade (Timilsina, 2005, p. 5-6). This demand has precipitated the need for other sources of energy besides the conventional ones, and the optimum exploitation of the existent ones in order to satisfy this demand. The oil sand in Alberta presents an opportunity to supplement available energy in the world. The exploitation of oil sands in Alberta presents an opportunity for the government and citizens of the region to promote their own, and the world’s, welfare through the satisfaction of demand for energy, enhancing economic growth and development through enabling the provision of income and powering economic activity. The reason why we need to display interest in this issue is that exploitation of oil sand resources in the Alberta region poses certain dangers to the welfare necessary in human, plant, and animal life, the earth environment, and to future generations. It is therefore necessary for the government and other stakeholders in the region to consider all...

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