okay i will

okay i will

Steps to access DLP for Microsoft Partners
for the first time
Please contact dlpsupport@microsoft.com if your access to DLP fails or if any of the steps described
below does not match with what you see on your screen. Please make sure to provide screenshots of
the errors you encountered.
Important Note
Before you start, watch this video first: https://mix.office.com/watch/1ra5rvnff5t0y
It is strongly recommended that you perform these steps by using Windows and Internet Explorer or
Microsoft Edge.
1. You have received an automatic e-mail from IT MBS Support (ITMBSSUP@microsoft.com) with the
subject titled “Microsoft Dynamics PartnerSource Invitation”. This screenshot below is for
illustration purposes only to show you what the e-mail body text looks like. The link used in the
screenshot is fictitious. You need to use the URL link that is included in the e-mail you have


2. Close any opened browsers.
3. Make sure that you are not logged on to any other Microsoft Accounts during this process such as
outlook.com, hotmail.com, live.com.
4. Clean your cache as follows:
In Internet Explorer
a) Open Internet Explorer
b) Click Safety (or use CTRL+Shift+Del)
c) Select Delete browsing history…

In Microsoft Edge
a) Open Microsoft Edge
b) Click the horizontal ellipsis … located
at the top right hand side
c) Click Settings
d) Click Choose what to clear

d) Checkmark the following two items and click


e) Checkmark the following items and
click Clear

e) Open an InPrivate Browsing session of
Internet Explorer as follows:
Open Internet Explorer
Click Tools
Select InPrivate Browsing

Click the horizontal ellipsis … located
at the top right hand side and select
New InPrivate window

g) Proceed to step 5


Proceed to step 5

5. Open the e-mail you received from IT MBS Support.
6. Copy the association link and paste it in the InPrivate Browsing window.

Note: if you...

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