Two heads are better than one. Learning and working in groups involves shared or learned values, resources, and ways of doing things. Group projects can reinforce skills that are relevant to both group and individual work, including the ability to: break task into parts, plan and manage time and gain communication skills.

What strategies were used?
Many of my classmates including myself would have preferred to work on this project individually, however every now and then "more hands make for lighter work". When my partner and I got together to begin our project we had decided to split the project in half. Same an equal amount of work. I wouldn't say we used and specific strategies to begin the Mexican Revolution project. We did however follow the some of the guidelines of the design cycle to begin which included: plan, investigate, design and create.

What knowledge was acquired?
Because my partner had so much knowledge of the Mexican Revolution, she was able to help me clearly understand/clarify certain things that had occurred that I was uncertain of. Because we had to do some research on our own I gained more on the revolution, to the porfiriato era where porfito Diaz himself introduced railroads, to how important the constitution was for the people.

What skills were utilized and developed?
Group projects can also help students develop skills to collaborative efforts, allowing students such as myself to: delegate roles and responsibilities, share perspectives, knowledge and skills, hold one another and be held accountable. (We were able to use pervious knowledge from class and what we have been taught to be able to complete the project. I was able to develop and gain more knowledge of the Mexican revolution because of my partners knowledge.)

What will be done differently in the future?
A lot of things will be done differently in the future. Time management of course. We ended up doing it the same week it was due which caused some stress on...

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