Oligopoly Market

Oligopoly Market


I want to thank our course teacher Mr. Razib Alam, for his continuous support in the Course study. He is very much sincere to hear us and to give advice. He is responsible for involving me in to go through the Term paper. He taught me how to study and express my ideas. He showed me different ways to approach an academic paper and the need to be persistent to accomplish any goal. He has provided the outline of the whole term paper and also showed us an original term paper of previous batch.

Executive Summary

The main theme of discussion is the Non price competition of oligopoly market in terms of any company. Here I’ve worked on the scenario of our Largest Cell phone service provider & market leader GrameenPhone as a field of the case study.

This term paper includes 2 sections. The 1st section is the theoretical profile; here, different market structure, their demand curve and profit maximization rules have been discussed.

In the 2nd section, the organizational profile has been discussed.

Section 1:

1.1: Introduction:

There are four main market structures. These are as follows:
• perfect competition
• monopolistic competition
• oligopoly
• monopoly

Perfectly competitive markets have three main features, many buyers and sellers, a standard product and easy entry and exit.

Monopolistically competitive markets have three main features, many buyers and sellers, slightly different products and easy entry and exit.

In an oligopoly a few businesses (protected by entry barriers) provide standard or similar products.

In a monopoly a single business (protected by entry barriers) provides a product with no close substitutes.

1.2: Entry Barrier:

There are six main entry barriers in oligopolies and monopolies
• increasing returns to scale
• market experience
• restricted ownership of resources
• legal obstacles (such as...

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