Olive Oil Market size and forecast, 2014-2020 by Future Market Insights

Olive Oil Market size and forecast, 2014-2020 by Future Market Insights

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Report Description
Olive oil is high nutritive product extracted from the fresh olive fruits. Olive oil is the key
component of Mediterranean diet, found in countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy. It
is commercially manufactured by crushing or grinding olives and extracting oil from it
through various chemical and mechanical process. The health dominating properties
has led this product to hold a promising future. It possess omega-3 monounsaturated
fatty acid and antioxidants which replaces saturated and trans fats and stimulates
health benefits such as it helps in maintaining health cholesterol level, reduces breast
cancer risk, helps to prevent stroke, lowers the risk of depression, protect liver and
many others (prevent from acute pancreas, protects from ulcerative colitis etc.).

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Globally, Spain and Italy are the highest consumer of olive oil followed by the U.S. The
demand for olive oil is also increasing in developed countries such as Europe and
North America. While the BRIC (Brazil, India, China and Russia) countries have also
shown the vigorous growth towards the acceptance of this product. Among BRIC
countries India and China is expected to be one of the largest consumer in the near
future. In the current scenario the consumption rate of olive oil in India stands at 10,000
to 13,000 tons annually and is projected to grow at a significant growth rate. This is
expected to remain same for the next five years.

Report Description
Traditionally in India the high saturated fatty oil such as ghee or vanaspati were used but
due to rise in health concerns, the consumption pattern changed...

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