I. Objective
- to report the adventures of a sailor named Gulliver from the story Gulliver’s Travels

A. Questions

1. Who is Gulliver?
(Gulliver is a young sailor who has gone into an adventure to different lands)

2. When his ship got wrecked, what happened to him?
(he fell into the sea and woke up with his hands and legs tied up)

3. What is the name of the place where Gulliver first landed?
( Gulliver was found in a land called Lilliput, and the
people from this place are called Lilliputians)

B. Work cooperatively in groups

Divide the class in to three groups. Each group is given 3 words written in a typewriting paper. Each group would have to think of a situation connected to the word that is asked and would have to make a scene to picture it out. Like a picture made out of the students. Whoever gets to have the best description in a tableau, wins.

C. Relate the story to their everyday lives
We should not underestimate our enemies, or indeed anyone, just because they are of insignificant size. We might think they are too small to do any harm but they can be more powerful than we think and may even stop us completely. We might end up asking for their mercy, the tables can be turned so easily.

We must give all the due respect even if we think that some people are powerless and that we are the stronger one. We should not be arrogant.
II. Subject matter
A. Story : Gulliver’s Travels
B. Reference : Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift
C. Materials : Graphic Organizer, typewriting and pens for the picture me game

Values : We should always be humble and always respect other people, no matter who or what they are

III. Procedure / Activities
A. Pre-reading
1. Motivation : Picture me activity
2. Unlocking of difficulties : illustrations
Motive question: Overview: To find out the
One of the...