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Transportation is an important part of our world today. Without transportation, people would not be able to get from one place to another. It would be impossible to visit family who live far away or buy things from a store that is more than 10 kilometers away. There are several kinds of transportation: planes, ships and cars.

The first kind of transportation is planes. You can go to every part of world and it will only take a few hours. Planes also can carry heavy products that are sold all over the world. Planes are very important for us because they are the fastest way to travel.

The second kind of transportation is ships. Ships are the best way to move around things that are too heavy for planes or cars. In addition, ships are very enjoyable way to travel. Many people love to take a vacation on a ship.

The final kind of transportation is cars. Cars are the most popular way to travel in today’s world. They also are the easiest and most convenient. Furthermore, there are many cars that are not expensive to buy and it is easy to learn how to drive. You can travel almost anywhere in your car.

Transportation is extremely important and without planes, ships and cars we would not be able to continue with our lives. People use all different kind of transportation for all different reasons. In my opinion, transportation will continue to improve and become faster and more the convenient. In the future there will be even more kinds of transportation and may be one day our cars will fly in the sky.

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