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If you can’t lick’em, Join’em!!!!!!

Imagine living in a city routed on happiness, joy, and excitement. Its sounds amazing and at first glimpse I want to go there myself. There’s no despair, no pain, and no type of suffering ever. Do you want to know where this place is? Of course you do this is all found in a city of the Omelas. Anything you can imagine and dream of having it can be found here.

No war, No crime, No need for justice…peace is everywhere here in the Omelas society. These things are a part of our everyday society and makes me questions if the people of the Omelas really know what peace really is and if you never felt despair or have undergone some kind unlawful situation. Honestly how can you know peace and happiness if you never undergo sadness or misery?

The town is full of never ending celebrations, joy and excitement . The Omelas society is merely a fairy tale place people go to free there minds from excitement and misery that is actually going on around them. This comes from the description the city where you have an unlimited amount of happiness, pleasure and ecstasy, send everyone in the city into a trance of happiness.

Beneath the beautiful city of the Omelas lies a horrific creature that is merely starving and out of its mind. People visit creature from time to time some are disgusted, a others feel sympathy, some want to help and reach out but have no clue how to because all the know is happiness. They have and endless amount of food and happiness but can’t help one child because they believe that this will cycle there beloved streets of joy to despair. I think they are actually scared and to wrapped in themselves to care about anyone else but themselves. This is a good a example of perfect society that in my option is selfish!

Beyond the selfish aspect of the city, there is a deeper meaning the child represents. Some people actually feel remorse and despair but never show it, they merely “release” themselves from...

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