Reflection #1

Emma Sweeny, 15, has always felt as though she was the odd one out in her family. Her

mom thinks she is a dull and boring and that she should get out more often and not worry

about her sister (summer) so much. Her tall pace face, white hair, and blue eyes, was

nothing compared to her parents or her ill little sister. Emma has a strange birthmark on

her arm, two moons with an arrow shaft through them. For some time now Emma feels

as though it’s her job to watch over her family as she says here “I feel as though I have to

watch over my family”. Emma is overprotective of her sister she constantly worries of

her because she is ill and gets strange attacks of sickness. Emma has a very strong spirit

and she is headstrong she only begins to realize it when she is confronted with difficult

things in her life. As a result of an addicting board game in which she plays with the

elderly person she is taking care of and an amethyst rock that has a mind of its own,

Emma is engulfed into a wild world with purple sand, two moons, and black woods. All

at once Emma is confused about herself and her family. After being told she was

adopted Emma doesn’t know who she really is.

The antagonist are the people that are trying to take the child (summer) to make the queen

of there world “Elen”. They are people from other worlds. They are not human and each

one of them has a special ability. For example one is able to put a cunning lock on

portals, another player is able to take on the appearance of anything and one of the other

player is able to fly. There are two sides of the opposing forces each playing a game that

the goal is to capture the child and bring her back to there own worlds. There are portals

which allow the players to transfer from world to world. Huw one of the players is tall

and bone thin he wears jeans and a shimmery blue T-shirt and a lot of heavy silver...

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