Omnivore's Dillema

Omnivore's Dillema

 Introduction to Omnivore’s Dilemma

Most of us do not expect the books on food to have big ideas like spirituality, oppression and freedom. But the writer Michael Pollan has always challenged the expectations of the readers. This can be known from this latest two recent books, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, where in the writer celebrates the pleasure of eating. In these two books the author has something very important about how the food industry, the government, marketers and even Pollan’s colleague journalists have understood the process of spreading the food on our tables which has turned out into a gradually more dysfunctional enterprise.
The author has observed that with the help of proper insight, gentle firmness, and even some well-placed humor, the author observes how the process of modern farming is at war and it dictates the laws of nature. The author also describes how the nutritional policies of the government have been challenged against the scientific practice and how the consumers have started feeling that eating is no longer an enjoyment to it seems to have more of guilt and anxiety. The book written by Pollan has a persistent core of hope.

• What is the dilemma for omnivore?

There are many creatures who eat different variety of things same as the human and the question what one should eat is a tricky question and it has to be fought out with anxiety. This problem is not for the persons who are specialist eaters for e.g. the cow is fond of eating grass and hence there is no problem in determining what they would eat and what they do not prefer.
These eating habits come from their genes and hence one need not worry about the same. This same is the case with the koala bear: they look if the smell is like a eucalyptus leaf, then it is lunch for the bear but rest of the things in the nature is not the lunch for the koala bear. But those who are omnivorous then it is a complicated problem; mainly for the natural foods and...

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