On Teenagers

On Teenagers

“On Teenagers and Tattoos” is a short article written by Dr. Andres Martin which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

In this article, Dr. Martin explains why teens get tattoos and also addresses parents as well as psychiatrists not to be so judgmental towards children with tattoos or simply thinks of it as an obsession. Martin examines three different reasons behinds teenagers tattooing themselves. He explains that tattoo is readily solution for confused adolescents, and search for their identity. The article provides the idea of why teenagers would be anxious to have tattoo. Also he suggests parents and psychologist to be able to stand on their side and understand the position they are in.

I think the author has concrete as well as distinct views regarding tattooing among teenagers. What I gathered from this article is that tattoos are more than something drawn on your body with a needle and ink. Tattoos are something memorials that is worth a lot more than a visit to the tattoo lounge. Teenagers use tattoos to express how they feel or to show their devotion to a social class or organization. The author has clearly explained the reasons behind tattooing so it is an interesting article, which drive us towards the author’s words of imagination. So I recommended reading this article.

In my opinion, the primary aim of the essay is to show how teenagers are linked with the tattoos. Martin states that teenagers get tattoos to escape from the emotional distress they have encountered or to solve unsolved conflict. The text was written to address all teenagers who think tattoos as an essential part of life as well as all the parents and therapists who are against them.

In conclusion, the author advises to take it simply and suggests psychiatrists to concern teen tattoos as “self constructive and adorning efforts” rather than as “multilatory and destructive acts” and recommend to know the value of tattoos...

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