On the Bayou

On the Bayou

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On The Bayou

When we were all a'sittin on the Bayou watchin the blue birds walk

across the tella fone poles. We all ahear'd a loud noise all the way across the

other side of the Bayou. I yelled to my ol' brother Jimmy "did you a hear that

strange noise," he replied yeah what could that be. “ Probably a bear a beatin

along a tree,” said Jimmy. You’re probably right! Let’s go in and eat a

snack, said Billy Boy.

The next day me and ma brotha we’re both outside again jus talking

bout our day when we a’heard the noise again, but a different sound.

What could that be again yelled Billy Boy? I don’t a kno shouted Jimmy,

but I wanted to go and see what was makin all dat darn noise! It can’t be a

bear no more, I said. Well you wanna find out and see, asked Jimmy. Yeah I

wanna go and figure out what’s makin that strange noise.

Jimmy and I went to go and see what the strange noise was comin

from. We realized that it was coming from deep down in the Bayou but we

were still curious. So we went a’huntin to see it. Na you must know Jimmy

got a lil studder and I get nervous wit it. As we walked we came across a

dirty ol’ ugly lookin skunk. I paid it no mind when Jimmy kept tappin ma

shoulda and sayin looka na I had done been sprayed in ma eye! He screamed

I’M BLIND, I’M BLIND! Until I told Jimmy it looks as if you done been

sprayed by a SKUNK. Then the skunk shouts “ you was in ma way.” You

can talk, I shouted? Yeah I can talk can’t you, said the skunk. Again me still

shocked of wat had jus happened to me a minute ago. I grabbed ma brotha Jimmy and

said “ if your done cryin bout your eye we can finish searchin for that weird

noise”. Hey, yelled the skunk, you had heard a noise too? I think it’s acomin

from down that lil hunt a few miles down the Bayou. K thanks for the tip, I

replied. So me and ma ol’ brotha Jimmy went down the Bayou again to find

out that crazy...